Death to Diabetes Wellness Guides: Help to Reverse Type 2 Diabetes Naturally

During his years as a diabetes trainer and support group leader, the author (DeWayne McCulley) used flip charts, slides, color diagrams, charts, and other job aids to help him with teaching other diabetics. In fact, some of his color diagrams and charts became so popular, he had to start bringing color copies as handouts to the meetings because people kept asking for copies. 

Based on that experience, Diabetes Wellness Guides (charts, tables, diagrams, menus, and other job aids) were developed to be used as mind-joggers and quick reminders of what to do in the areas of meal planning, blood glucose testing, high blood pressure, blood glucose control, doctor visits, kidney health, neuropathy, and other related topics -- without having to always go back and read the details in the book.

Later on, these job aids became part of the health coaching and training programs because many of the healthcare professionals wanted to use them in their own practice to teach their clients.