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Death to Diabetes Top-Selling Books: Reverse Type 2 Diabetes Naturally

The following books represent the top-selling Death to Diabetes books over the past several years:


Based on feedback from our customers, these books have become our top-selling books for the following reasons.

The Death to Diabetes book provides everything that a diabetic needs when they first start educating themselves and using the program.

The Power of Juicing book helps to accelerate the body's repair process; and, a result it helps to cut a diabetic's recovery time almost in half!

The Diabetes Cookbook is not your typical cookbook -- yes, it has lots of recipes, but, it actually has healthy recipes, which many diabetic cookbooks don't have! In addition, our cookbook provides critical information about grocery shopping, meal planning and how to customize recipes to align with your taste buds. In addition, our cookbook explains how to enjoy your favorite comfort foods and desserts without spiking your blood sugar!

The Cleanse and Detox book has started to become popular because it helps to give your body a "clean" start and jump start the program by removing the toxins, drugs, and other chemicals that are damaging your health and fueling your diabetes.

Surprisingly, the Death to Diabetes Large Text book has become popular because some diabetics prefer the spiral bound book because it lays flat and has larger text making it easier to read.

The Raw Food Diet and Raw Food Diet & Planner books have started to become popular even though most people don't really care for following a raw food diet.

In recent months, we have had a spike in sales of the Autoimmune Diseases book, but, we believe that's only because autoimmune diseases are on the rise.

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