Super Meal Model Meal Plate


DTD Super Meal Plate Helps with Diabetes Diet & Meal Planning

Depicts what your meal plate should look like (physically) in order to help with meal planning and to reverse your diabetes. Also, identifies the 5 'live" super foods that you should be eating with each meal.

This is one of our more popular diagrams because it makes it easy to plan a healthy meal without having to count carbs or calories.

Note 1: If you want the Vegan Super Meal Plate, please specify that in the Instructions box when you place your order or call us and let us know.

Note 2: If you want both meal plates, select a Quantity of 2 and specify in the Instructions box that you want the second diagram to be the Vegan Super Meal Plate.

Note 3: If you order the Vegan Super Meal Plate, we also recommend that you get the Raw Food Diet book (or Raw Food Diet & Meal Planner book) and the popular Power of Raw Juicing book.

Note 4: If you want a printed copy of the meal plate, make sure that you select the "Printed Copy" button.

Size: 1 page.