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Death to Diabetes Books & Ebooks: Reverse Type 2 Diabetes Naturally

Our Death to Diabetes Store provides an array of diabetes educational products to help you manage and reverse your Type 2 diabetes.

Our most popular and effective products include the diabetes paperback bookcookbookjuicing bookdiabetes ebook, diabetes low carb diets bookdetox book30-day workbookmeal planning tool kitweight loss book90-day meal planner chartsboot camp program, and the DTD MP3 audio book.

Note: Use the Search bar or refer to our Product List page for an alphabetical list of all of our products.

Which Book Should I Get?

Not sure what to buy?: For first-time clients, we recommend that you start with the Death to Diabetes paperback book, which is now one of the top-selling diabetes books on But, the book on is the original version 1.0 (2005), while we provide the latest version 5.0 (2018) that includes a free CD and a free health coaching consultation -- that alone is worth $300.

If you want something right now, we recommend the diabetes ebook along with one or more of the downloadable CD MP3 files.

Our Customers: Our customer base is very diverse. We work with individuals, families, organizations, groups, healthcare professionals, and companies who want us to train their employees. We provide various forms of training to accommodate your needs and your schedule, e.g. 1-on-1, online, group, class sessions, workshop, seminar, teleseminar, Skype, video-conferencing, etc. We use different forms of media because everyone learns differently, e.g. books, workbooks, ebooks, video, audio, MP3 downloads, PowerPoint slides, Skype/live training, etc.

We work with clients who have been refused employment because of their diabetes, e.g. pilots, military personnel, truck drivers. machine operators, firemen, air traffic controllers, some CEOs, etc. We have more experience and success with professionals in this area than anyone in the country -- just read the testimonials.

In addition, we provide training to healthcare professionals, including certified diabetes educators, naturopathic doctors, medical doctors, nurses, diabetes health coaches, dietitians, nutritionists, holistic practitioners, wellness consultants, diabetes counselors, fitness instructors, and other healthcare professionals.

So, take the next step to help you get your diabetes under control in order to reverse it and improve your overall health. Use the Search box and browse through our store. If you like, register and create an account, or shop as a guest. Order online or call our office (1-800-813-1927) to place your order. Good luck on your new journey to wellness. 

The Death to Diabetes Program Benefits: Reverses Type 2 Diabetes Naturally

The Death to Diabetes Program is the right program for you because of its benefits including:
-- It has a 93.7% success rate.
-- It is easy to follow and implement. 
-- It has a simple but effective meal plan. 
-- It is science-based. 
-- It was developed by an ex-diabetic and engineer.
-- It addresses the root causes of diabetes. 
-- It uses proven alternative therapies. 
-- It provides emotional support and training. 
-- It shows how to enjoy comfort foods.

The Death to Diabetes Program also helps you to:

-- Lose weight & reduce belly fat
-- Lower blood sugar & hemoglobin A1C
-- Lower insulin levels
-- Avoid diabetic complications such as blindness, amputation and heart attack/stroke
-- Reduce side effects of drugs such as metformin and insulin
-- Enjoy your favorite foods and comfort foods without spiking your blood sugar
-- Save time & money due to less drugs and and surgeries
-- Free health coaching and training to teach you how to defeat your diabetes

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact our office via email, our website or our toll-free number. Don't be shy -- we're here to help you.

International Customers: If you live outside the Continental United States, and don't want to pay the shipping charges for the paperback book, you can order the diabetes expanded ebook

For those of you who are only interested in the diet, then, get the DTD Low Carb Diets book, which has recently been expanded from 200 pages to over 360 pages. This book explains how to use several diets that are well-known for helping with Type 2 diabetes, e.g. ketogenic (keto), low carb high fat (LCHF), Paleolithic (Paleo), vegetarian, and Death to Diabetes (DTD). FYI: This book has been renamed (to Ketogenic, LCHF, Paleo, IF and DTD Diets book) to better explain the contents of the book.

Once you have implemented our wellness program, if you want to take your health to the next level, or if you want to accelerate your body's repair, or if you want to increase your weight loss and get rid of that belly fat, then, we recommend the very popular Power of Juicing and Smoothies book.

If you want to accelerate and sustain your weight loss or get rid of that belly fat, you should get the Death to Obesity Weight Loss book. This is a powerful combination -- when used in conjunction with the juicing ebook.

If you want a diverse set of balanced meals to stick with the program, and learn how to enjoy healthier versions of your favorite foods, then, we recommend the popular 3-in-1 Death to Diabetes Diet Cookbook. And, although the cookbook was designed for Type 2 diabetes, it also supports weight loss and non-diabetics. When you order a printed hardcopy of the cookbook, you will receive the 90-Day Meal Planner Charts booklet free of charge.

If you can't afford the book or if you don't like to read, then, get one or more the colorful wellness guides along with one or more of the downloadable CD MP3 files including one of the DVDs.

NEW!!! Printed Hardcopies Now Available!! Printed hardcopies (coil bound, color cover) of our ebooks are now available as a Printed Copy option.

FREE Ebooks! Please note that when you order a printed hardcopy of any ebook, you will receive the ebook free of charge.

Bonuses/Free Gifts: For all paperback books and printed ebook orders, you will receive a free CD and meal planning guide. For ebook orders, you will receive these free gifts in digital form as downloads.

Payment: We accept all credit cards and PayPal as displayed at the bottom of this web page. We also accept money orders and certified checks. Please do not send cash.

U.S. Orders: For all orders that are shipped in the United States, there is no shipping charge because the orders are shipped as media mail (no insurance, no tracking, no priority envelope). However, if the order is shipped as Priority Mail, there is a shipping charge.

International Orders: For all orders that are shipped outside the Continental United States, there is a shipping charge because of what the U.S. Postal Service charges for international shipments. Also, all international orders are shipped as Priority Mail (with tracking, insurance, and a flat-rate priority envelope or box).

To International Customers: This online store, which supports international orders outside the U.S., has added more than 30 new countries including Brazil, China, Japan, Malaysia, Philippines, Saudi Arabia, South Africa and United Arab Emirates.

To Wellness consultants, dietitians, other healthcare professionals: We now have a comprehensive set of Diabetes Health Coaching & Training kits for health coaches and other healthcare professionals to help grow your business, increase your revenues, and provide diabetes/obesity wellness training to the public and members of your organization, company, etc. We also provide support for diabetes business consultations if you need help starting your own business.

Order online or call our office (1-800-813-1927) to place your order.

Thank you for your time.

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