Reverse Diabetes Health Coaching & Training Program

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The Death to Diabetes Health Coaching & Training Program Reverses Type 2 Diabetes Naturally

The Death to Diabetes® Health Coaching & Training Program is a self-paced online training program with/without a physical training kit that provides training modules, module tests, CDs, DVDs, training sessions, and 1-on-1 coaching to help healthcare professionals increase their level of knowledge and expertise to become health coaches, which, in turn, will allow them to grow their business and increase their revenues.rovides comprehensive training about nutrition, health, disease pathology, etc. for health coaches as well as wellness consultants, dietitians, and other healthcare professionals.

The Death to Diabetes® Health Coaching & Training Program is based on the company's corporate educational program that was developed for blue-chip and smaller companies who wanted to implement a corporate-wide wellness initiative for their employees. Because of the effectiveness of our program, many companies saved hundreds of thousands of dollars because less employees missed work due to being sick.

Due to the success of our corporate program, we used it as our base to develop a similar training program for smaller companies, health firms, wellness groups, community groups, healthcare professionals, etc. 

This training program is designed to help novices, health coaches, wellness consultants, diabetes educators, naturopathic doctors, nutritionists, dietitians, health advocates, and other healthcare professionals to learn state-of-the-art information about the science of nutrition, diabetes, pathology, biochemistry, etc. They can use this information that they learn to perform health coaching, lectures, and other services to their (diabetic) clients, who are seeking guidance with their health issues.

This program addresses the 3 major areas that you need to learn about if you want to become a successful health coach, grow your business, and be seen as an expert in your field of expertise: (1) Nutritional Science; (2) Marketing/Business; and, (3) People/Communications/Psychology.

Note: You need to understand these 3 areas if you want your clients to respect and trust you and see you as an expert in your field of expertise. This will encourage your clients to pay for your lectures, health coaching consultations, training, and other services.

As a result, health coaches, wellness consultants, diabetes educators, nutritionists, dietitians, health advocates, and other healthcare professionals are able to start their own business or grow their current business, or improve their current career path for better job opportunities.

The Power of PowerPoint:

Key Point about the PowerPoint Slides: You can use the author's PowerPoint slides to teach yourself about diabetes and nutrition. Then, when you call us, we use the same PowerPoint slides during Skype training sessions to also teach you.

Then, you can use the author's PowerPoint slides to run your own class or lecture for your church, community group, etc. without knowing anything about diabetes! Just select the Play button to activate the audio to allow the author to speak as the PowerPoint plays like a video as it automatically goes through each slide!

Or, you can run the PowerPoint manually and select each slide individually to listen to the author speak about the information on that specific slide. Then, manually select the next slide to continue with your lecture. Once you've done this a few times, you'll find yourself learning as much as your audience!

Plus, the audience will be so impressed with you! This will cause your client base to grow and explode! More and more people will want to hear your lectures. Eventually, you'll get to a point where you don't need the author to speak -- so you can turn off the audio in the PowerPoint and do the speaking yourself! That will be even more powerful. The key is to download the PowerPoint and get started right now! Play the PowerPoint and begin learning today!

Also, learn how to start or build your business. Learn how to attract and engage your potential customers. Most training programs teach you about the nutrition, disease, etc. but they fail to teach you how to actually build your business!  Or, you find out that after just paying $5,000 that you have to pay more money to sign up for a marketing course. We don't do that -- we build that into your training so that you can learn everything that you need to know to really build your customer base and your business.

So, why are you waiting when you can get started right now? If you still have questions about what to buy, just call or email us and we'll answer your questions and concerns.

If you can't afford the whole training kit right now, that's okay -- just get the downloads instead -- it's a whole lot less expensive. You can always get the physical training kit later on when you have the extra money. The key is to get started now instead of waiting around another few years and be in the same position that you're in right now.

Program Overview:

This program defines the 5 super foods (to eat), the 5 "dead" foods (to avoid), the Death to Diabetes® Super Meal Model®, the top 10 supplements, and the 7 wellness factors, detox principles, emotional health -- all designed to teach you how to reduce cellular inflammation and repair the sick (defective) cells in your client's body.

This training program explains the key aspects of nutritional science including the key macronutrients, micronutrients, the health benefits of each vegetable, fruit, nut, seed, oil, etc.

This training program explains the key aspects of medical science including disease pathology, pathogenesis, cellular biology, drug impacts, alternative therapies, etc.

This training program addresses the following areas, plus more:

-- Diabetes and Disease Pathology
-- Superior Nutrition and Nutritional Science
-- Super Meals and Meal Planning
-- Diabetes Management
-- Emotional Support & Spirituality
-- The Importance of Exercise
-- How to Reverse Type 2 Diabetes
-- How to Train Others
-- How to be a Health Coach
-- How to Conduct Lectures
-- How to Start a Business
-- Business Planning & Marketing
-- How to Design a Website and Blog
-- How to Use Google, YouTube, Facebook & Other Platforms

This program is based upon the top-selling book Death to Diabetes, but this program will give you the knowledge to address more than just diabetes. This program is based on an easy-to-follow, systematic 10-step process, 200+ clinical studies/medical references, the science of disease/pathology, and the experience of an ex-diabetic engineer.

This program is a flexible program that makes it very easy for a novice or experienced person to become an expert and attract new clients to their business. You will also receive 1-on-1 training from the author or one of our training experts -- to give you the insight into the program and how to customize the program to fit your business needs.

The training consists of reading PDFs, ebooks, slides, and web pages; listening to mp3 audio files; answering quiz questions and performing specific exercises in the training workbook; and, watching/listening to the author's DVDs and CDs. In addition, the training includes a series of personalized 1-on-1 online training sessions with the author (over the phone or via the Internet), using the PowerPoint slides as a guide.

The training program is provided in the form of training kits of various sizes. Below is a list of the key components (in soft form) within each of the training kits. Select the training kit that meets the needs of your company, organization, or group.

Note: Training Kit #3 provides the best value for the amount of materials and personal training that you will receieve from the author.

Note: A payment plan is available if you want to make partial payments over a period of time.

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Note: A customized training kit with printed books is available, based on the specific components you want for your clients. Just send us the list of specific components that you want, and we will send you the price for customizing the program to fit your needs.