Reverse Diabetes Diet DVD


Explains the diabetes diet. Includes live lectures (medical conference, workshop class), and TV interview of the author discussing the perfect diet (nutritional profile) for a Type 2 diabetic to control, reverse and defeat his/her diabetes.

Key topics include: nutrition and the proper diet for Type 2 diabetics: the Super Meal Model.

Other topics include: the 5 dead foods, the 5 super foods, food tips to transform comfort foods into healthy foods, exercise, blood glucose testing, and dealing with the negativity and intimidation of the endocrinologist.

Video demonstrates the importance of recognizing the super foods, avoiding the dead foods, and still being able to enjoy eating healthy! This is a very effective video to jumpstart your understanding of specific foods and how they affect your diabetes. Also a nice video to watch with others who are interested in food and health.

This is our most popular video because it contains a lot of good information that is presented by the author in 4 different venues: medical conference, diabetes workshop/class, a lecture to a diabetes group, and a TV interview.

Note: This video is excellent for people who don't have time to read the 400-page diabetes book but still want to learn how to eat healthy. This video is also for people who just don't like to read.

Duration: 1½ hrs (1 disc).

Note: The author recommends that you also get the Death to Diabetes book (or ebook) if your goal is to reverse your diabetes.