This web page addresses the following company policies:

  • Returns & Refund Policy
  • Privacy Policy
  • Copyright Policy

Returns & Refund Policy

You may return most new, unopened items sold and fulfilled by Death to Diabetes, LLC within 30 days of delivery for a full refund as long as the items are not damaged in any way. If items are not returned in their original condition within 30 days, a full refund cannot be provided.

If you place an order, and cancel the order during processing, and there are multiple email correspondence, there will be a minimum of a 10% processing and restocking fee. And, if there are any long distance phone calls, there will be a minimum of a 15% processing and restocking fee.

If you should decide to re-order the canceled products within 30 days, the processing fee will be refunded.

If you place an order, and cancel the order after 6 months or more, a full refund cannot be provided.

For other returned items, there will be a 10% processing fee and postage for sending a refund check.

You should expect to receive your refund within four weeks of giving your package to the return shipper and providing us with a USPS tracking number. We will notify you via e-mail of your refund once we've received and processed the returned item.

Items that are opened or returned more than 30 days after delivery will receive a partial refund, based upon the condition of the products.

Items that do not meet our returns guidelines will receive either a partial refund or no refund:

  • Any unopened item in original condition that is returned more than 30 days after delivery: 80% of item's price.
  • Any book with any type of physical damage that prevents us from being able to resell the book: 50% of item's price.
  • Any book that has obvious signs of use: 50% of item's price.
  • Any digital product (i.e. ebook/PDF file) that is purchased cannot be returned for a refund, so be certain before you order. Once you receive the invoice and download the ebook/PDF file onto your computer desktop, we are unable to recall the ebook/PDF file! If you have any questions about a specific ebook/PDF, contact our office to answer your questions before you place your order. Do not order any ebooks/PDFs if you are not certain about the content of the document.
  • Any CD or DVD that has been opened (taken out of its plastic wrap): 50% of item's price.
  • Any item that is not in its original condition, is damaged, or is missing parts for reasons not due to our error: up to 50% of item's price.
  • Any item that is not returned: 0% of item's price (no refund)

If a refund is not provided within four weeks from the day you sent us your return, please e-mail us for further assistance.

How will my refund be issued?
If you paid by Credit card, your refund will go to your Credit card.
If you paid by PayPal, your refund will go to your PayPal account.
If you paid by Check or money order, your refund will be a check or go to your Credit card.
The time frame for processing will be 7-10 days.

If you returned only one item from a multi-item shipment, you will be reimbursed only for the per-item shipping fee for the item you returned and not the per-shipment fee. Visit domestic shipping rates or international shipping rates for a breakdown on the fees.

Book Returns
The book and the enclosed contents must be returned first-class mail in similar bubble-wrap protective packaging within 30 days to the following address with a USPS tracking number:
Death to Diabetes LLC
1170 Ridge Road Suite No. 190
Webster, NY 14580

If the book and other materials are in excellent condition, we will refund your entire purchase. If any of the items are damaged in any way, we will reduce your refund, depending on the amount of damage.

Once you mail your package, please email the USPS tracking number to us so that we can track the package.

Author's Background and Experience

FYI: These products and services are based on the author's engineering background and experience with diabetes and insulin; and, being able to safely wean off the insulin and remain off the insulin and other drugs for the past 17+ years.

However, if you are not satisfied with any of our products or services, please contact our office immediately, via phone or email.


Privacy Policy

The Death to Diabetes, LLC company (owned by DeWayne McCulley) respects and values the privacy of its customers and visitors to its website. Since Death to Diabetes, LLC values the privacy of its customers, it does not and will never sell or otherwise disclose customer names, email addresses, phone numbers or lists to other companies, organizations or individuals.

In addition, Death to Diabetes, LLC's online store uses SSL certification with double-encryption to protect your personal information. Your trust in us is very important to us, so we will never jeopardize that trust by selling your name and personal information.

Please Note: Most consumers need to utilize better Internet surfing practices to ensure that they do not inadvertently give out any of their personal information to unscrupulous people.

Web Tracking Software
Our website along with some of our blog sites use a Google Analytics cookie to collect anonymous traffic data, but, nothing of a personal nature. Google Analytics is site tracking software offered by Google that generates detailed statistics about the visitors to our site such as the urls of the web pages viewed, the number of times a web page is viewed, and the average duration time that a web page is viewed.

User Submissions
We are always pleased to receive your comments and suggestions. If you post comments, suggestions, ideas, etc. (collectively "Submissions") in response to any content on this Site, we will not use or disclose any of your information for any purpose whatsoever.

If you provide a testimonial or feedback about our site, diabetes book, we may post your comments on our site. However, we will only use your first name and last initial to protect your privacy. If you would prefer that we do not use your name, then, we will honor your request and use a pseudo name or anonymous label.

Death to Diabetes, LLC
1170 Ridge Road Suite No. 190
Webster, NY 14580

If you have any question or comment regarding Death to Diabetes, LLC or our website, please call or e-mail us.


Copyright Policy

All content appearing on this Web site is the property of Death to Diabetes, LLC company and its owner, DeWayne McCulley.

As a user, you are authorized only to view, copy, print, and distribute documents on this website so long as (1) the document is used for informational purposes only, and (2) any copy of the document (or portion thereof) includes the copyright notice.