Motivation, Will Power & Discipline Book


Defines motivation, will power and discipline, and how to use them to achieve optimum health, financial success, and any other personal/professional goal. Identifies techniques for tapping into your inner spirit.

Defines methodologies to reduce stress and its negative effects on your health; the specific foods that help to reduce stress, fatigue, and depression; and how to use your inner spirit to reduce your stress.

Also, identifies nutritional tips for emotional health and sleeping, and techniques for using your inner spirit -- all to reduce your stress.

Explains the importance of emotional and spiritual health, and how to tap into your inner spirit to improve the health of your body and reduce the stress in your life. Provides a list of simple practices to change the (negative) self-defeating talk track in your head; avoid the drama kings and drama queens in your life; find your passion; and, use laughter and humor. Topics include techniques and tips to use your inner spirit and reduce stress, how to improve rest and relaxation, support systems, nutritional tips for emotional health.

Inspirational quotes are provided from famous people such as Bill Cosby, Billy Graham, Nelson Mandela, Maya Angelou, Muhammad Ali, Arthur Ashe, Apostle Paul, Christopher Reeve, and John Wooden.

Size: 80 pages.