How to Start a Business & Write a Book

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Start Your Own Diabetes Health Coaching Business

Explains step-by-step how to start a small business and write a book with little or no money, including how to develop an effective business plan and a marketing plan with step-by-step instructions for specific marketing activities and a free online training session with PowerPoint slides! Identifies the 7 common mistakes that entrepreneurs make that severely limits business growth and the ability to generate multiple revenue streams.

In addition, this book defines the 12 key marketing strategies and the 6 marketing communication methods that will grow your business and increase your revenues because you'll be implementing multiple revenue streams -- not just the one or two that most business people do! This book is one-of-a-kind because it shows you step-by-step how to implement these marketing strategies almost immediately and how to re-design your website to optimize your business and attract new customers. 

This book identifies critical mistakes made by start-up and existing businesses and how to promote and market your business with little or no money by using the latest (free) technologies, tools, platforms and social media sites. This book explains exactly what you need to do to establish your business on multiple social media sites.

This book explains how to design your website so that it's not just "sitting there" -- it's actually attracting new customers!

This book provides the author's 12-step process with instructions expalining step-by-step how to write a book in 30 to 90 days! If you want to be a first-time author, this is the book for you!

If you need help with your book manuscript, select the appropriate options for book template, proofreading, manuscript formatting and book layout. FYI: Word Doc Book Template and Book Layout, Formatting & TOC are the more popular selections that most authors choose.

FYI: If you're wondering why information about starting a business and writing a book are in the same book, it turns out that many of the activities associated with starting a business are also associated with writing a book. Depending on how you plan to market and sell your book, writing a book may be a stepping stone towards starting a health-related business. But, even if you don't want to start a health business, you will still need to perform some of those steps for your book, e.g. . Given that, it didn't make sense to separate these activities into two separate books.

This book also addresses how to find your passion and purpose in life; and, it explains how to be successful in life and business while making money at the same time.

Note: Because of all the information in this book, it easily pays for itself within the first 30 days.

Bonus: You will receive a free business consultation and training session (worth $1500) concerning how to write a book or how to start a business.

Size: 416 pages.