How to Prevent & Treat Influenza (Flu) Virus Book


Provides natural remedies for influenza and the common cold, and how to prevent and treat them.

Describes the structure of the flu virus, how the flu develops and spreads; how it mutates; and, how to stop it in its tracks.

Explains how to successfully prevent and treat the flu and the common cold, which diabetics are more susceptible to because the high glucose levels weaken the immune system and white blood cells,

Identifies the top 10 ways to strengthen the immune system, including the key super foods, antivirals, supplements, detox methods, and juice/green smoothie recipes to strengthen the immune system to prevent and treat the flu and the common cold.

This book also identifies the top 10 foods and antiviral compounds that people should be eating & drinking to successfully prevent and fight the flu.

Size: 164 pages.