How to Defeat Depression Booklet


Explains how to defeat depression and insomnia with superior nutrition, and how to improve emotional well-being, without the need for drugs. Identifies the top 10 foods that fight depression, and help to boost your mood. Defines the steps to overcome depression, adrenal fatigue, reduce stress, and improve sleep. Also, explains postpartum depression (PPD), its symptoms, and how to treat it naturally with emotional support, nutrition, etc.

Explains how to improve your emotional health and reduce the stress in your life. Provides a list of simple techniques to reduce your stress, change the (negative) self-defeating talk track in your head; avoid the drama kings and drama queens in your life; find your passion; and, use laughter and humor.

Identifies specific foods, nutrients, supplements, and herbs that can be used to address depression, stress, fatigue, insomnia, and other related health issues.

Explains the types of drugs used to treat depression, and the side effects of those drugs.

Note: Inspirational quotes are provided from famous people such as Bill Cosby, Billy Graham, Nelson Mandela, Maya Angelou, Muhammad Ali, Arthur Ashe, Apostle Paul, Christopher Reeve, and John Wooden.

Size: 100 pages.