How to be a Diabetes Health Coach Book

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Diabetes Health Coaching Reverses Type 2 Diabetes

Explains how to be an effective diabetes health and wellness coach and how to improve your visibility and credibility to grow your business, with clients and corporate executives.

This book explains how to run a coaching/counseling appointment; and, this ebook provides a diagnostic flowchart and a list of the questions to ask your patients, plus how to organize and structure your sessions with your patients, how to structure your coaching/counseling sessions, how to get patients to change their eating/lifestyle habits, how to work with diabetic clients, how to communicate 1-on-1 or to a group, and how to expand your coaching business.

This book identifies the key qualities of an effective health coach and how to leverage your skill set to optimize the health of your clients. It also explains how to implement behavior modification and help your clients to actually change their eating and lifestyle habits.

This book also defines at least 12 ways to increase your credibility and expertise in the eyes of your potential customers.

In addition, this book explains how to start and grow your health coaching business; and how to avoid the common mistakes that health coaches make that prevent them from increasing their revenues and growing their business.

Note: This is the only health coaching book out there that explains how to coach and connect with diabetic clients, from the perspective of someone who wasdiabetic.

Key topics in this book include:

Health Coaching: The Author’s Perspective
What is Health Coaching
How to Become a Health Coach
Roles & Responsibilities of a Health Coach
Differences Between Health Coaching and Counseling
Types of Health Coaching Jobs
Salaries of Health Coaching Jobs
Owning Your Own Health Coaching Business
How to Make Money as a Health Coach
Soft-Sell vs. Hard-Sell
Demand for Health Coaching
Health Coaching Common Mistakes

Training Schools (Education and Certification)
Health Coaching Knowledge/Skill Areas
Health Coaching Skills
Cultural Competency
Diabetes Health Coaching Skills
How to Communicate With Clients
Importance of Cultural Awareness
Coaching a Diabetic
The Psyche of a Diabetic
The 3 Major Issues for Most Diabetics
The Medical Issues of a Diabetic
Nutrition and Other Issues of a Diabetic
The Emotions & Feelings of a Diabetic
Diabetes Tools, Forms & Resources

Health Coaching Model & Structure
DTD Health Coaching Model No. 1
Health Coaching Model No. 2
Framework of a Health Coaching Session
DTD Health Coaching Flowchart
Health Coaching Questions

Psychology and Coaching
Major Concepts of Psychology
Reasons Why Clients Come to You
Factors That Influence Behavior
The 5 Stages of Change
Author's Perspective of a Diabetic's Psyche
Why Change Is So Difficult
How to Help Clients Change Poor Eating Habits
Motivation & Will Power
The 7 Habits of Healthy People
The 7 Pillars of a Healthy Life
The Wellness Wheel and Its Elements
References & Resources

Quality Coaching
12 Ways to Provide Quality Coaching & Feedback
Be a Knowledgeable Coach and Resource
Presentation Skills
Body Language Interpretation

How to be a Businessperson and a Health Coach
Starting a Health Coaching Business
How to Overcome the Fear of Starting a Business
Before You Start Your Business
Credibility and Trust
Home Office Setup for Your Business
How to Define Your Business Work Process
Key Functional Areas of a Small Business
General Work Flow Process for a Small Business
Living and Working in Balance
The Business Side of the Health & Wellness Industry

Death to Diabetes Training Products
Products for Healthcare Professionals and Entrepreneurs
PowerPoint Slides

Size: 250 pages

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