This book identifies the high and low glycemic index/glycemic load foods; and, how to use the low glycemic index (GI) and glycemic load (GL) foods to lower your blood glucose and help you with losing weight and controlling your diabetes.

This book identifies the key low GI foods including the best low GI fruits. This book will also help you with low GI diet meal planning and grocery-shopping, and storage of foods, especially vegetables and fruits.

This book was developed because most books and charts about the glycemic index and glycemic load explain how to lower your blood sugar and prevent glucose spikes – but, do not explain how to modify the eating of these foods to further stabilize blood glucose levels to get your diabetes under control; and, reverse the disease.

Use this book in conjunction with the Food Exchange List and our 3-in-1 Diabetes Cookbook to help you with specific day-to-day meal planning.

And, if you want to optimize the use of these books to improve your diabetes and overall health, then, get the Power of Raw Juicing & Green Smoothies book and the Cleanse & Detox book.

Size: 58 pages