Food Tips for Your Favorite Foods & Comfort Foods


Enjoy Desserts But Still Reverse Your Diabetes

Provides Meal Planning and other food-related tips (to explain how to perform meal planning, grocery shopping, and food preparation to optimize the nutritional value of your meals, favorite foods and comfort foods).

Also, provides hundreds of specific food tips to enjoy your super meals, favorite meals, desserts, favorite foods and comfort foods to support a diet for diabetics -- while maintaining good blood glucose control.

Favorite food and Comfort food topics include: apple butter spread; beans, nuts, seeds; beverages; bread crumbs; bread: sourdough; sprouted grain; cereal; chocolate; desserts; fats, oils; fish; flour substitutes; French fries; ice cream; juicing; quick lunches; macadamia nuts; mac 'n cheese; mashed potatoes; frying meat; mushrooms; pasta; pita pizza; pro/prebiotics quiche; restaurants; rice; salads; sandwiches; seasoning; snacks; soup; split pea soup; succotash; sugar and sweets; tea; tofu; turkey; vegetables; whole foods; yogurt; how to make healthy fried chicken; how to make Brussels sprouts taste like candy; and, many others.

Please Note: It is a myth that it cost more money to eat healthy! It is also a myth that eating healthy is time-consuming and boring! This document helps you debunk these myths -- by saving precious dollarsfor you and your family with your grocery bill; by showing you how to actually enjoy eating healthy foods; and, also by saving you time.

Note: This document is for the person who wants more food choices, and food tips for meal planning, grocery shopping, and for their favorite foods. This document is a favorite because it helps diabetics in their transition from eating unhealthy to eating healthy -- without feeling deprived, and still being able to control their blood glucose and insulin levels.

Size: 110 pages.