Diabetes Workshops & Training Classes

MSRP: $600.00
(You save $150.00 )

We provide diabetes training classes, workshops and seminars via phone, Internet and onsite. We provide online training (via Skype/phone/other platform) and teach you about diabetes management, nutrition, supplementation, meal planning, diabetes, and several other areas.  We also teach you how to use the book to save you hours of reading if you find that you don't have time to finish reading the book and implementing the program.

We also provide more in-depth training for healthcare professionals and ayone who wnat to learn more about diabetes, pathology, cell biology, etiology, medical science, functional medicine, etc.

In addition, our training program addresses the emotional sice of diabetes and how to build an effective support system.

Note: The cost and duration of our diabetes workshops, seminars and  training classes vary, depending on your specific needs.