Diabetes Management & Reversal 30 Day Workbook

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This is a 30-day Diabetes Management activity planner and meal planning workbook that:

1. Explains what to do each day, what to eat, when to test, when to exercise, what to record, etc. so that you can set the stage to reverse the diabetes in your body. This 30 days is based upon what the author did, with several improvements based upon his research.

2. Defines the specific meals that a diabetic must eat to get his/her diabetes under control during the first 30 days and beyond.

3. Provides a daily tracking chart that provides guidance for the diabetic from morning to afternoon to evening to bedtime. This chart is also used to record the diabetic's blood glucose readings, what was eaten, exercise regimen, etc.

4. Includes a free activity tracking chart booklet.

Note: This document is for the person who needs more structure and wants to get his/her diabetes under control within 30 days, and set the stage to reverse their diabetes.

5. Includes a free copy of the DTD 10-Steps Wellness Guide and a Meal Planning Guide.

Size: 86 pages

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