Diabetes Management & Meal Planning Tool Kit


DTD Diabetes Management & Meal Planning Tools Help to Reverse Your Diabetes

These popular Death to Diabetes tools help with daily diabetes management and meal planning; and, make it easier to reverse your diabetes. The tools include a color meal planning guide, detailed meal plan, Super Meal Model Meal Plate diagram, favorite foods chart, diabetes management tracking chart, and the reverse diabetes 10-steps guide. Size: 6 PDFs, 14 pages.

More importantly, these tools allow you to start the program without having to finish reading the 400-page diabetes book, and then, try to figure what to do next. These 6 tools remove all the guesswork, and provide the structure and steps to guide you on your journey to wellness.

Note: If you don't like to read, these tools are a godsend because they help you get started with the program without having to finish reading the 400-page book.

The following is the list of the 6 tools, with the individual pricing of each tool in PDF form and printed copy form.

PDFs/Printed Copies:

1. Meal Planning Guide (1 color page, cardstock, $7.95/$12.95) provides a meal plan for a typical day.

2. Meal Plan for a Day (4 pages, $9.95/$16.95) provides a detailed meal plan for a day. These charts make it easier to plan your meals during the day and throughout the week.

3. Super Meal Model Meal Plate Diagram (1 page, $7.95/$12.95) identifies the 5 super foods, the 5 dead foods, and depicts what your meal plate should like. Everyone loves this diagram because it clearly defines what your meal plate should look like (physically), without having to worry about calorie-counting!

4. Favorite Foods Chart (2 pages, $4.95/$9.95) identifies healthier versions of your favorite foods and comfort foods. Many of our clients use this as a guide when they go grocery-shopping.

5. Diabetes Management Tracking Chart (1 page, $7.95/$12.95) identifies what to do from the start of each day to the end of the day. Clients use this chart to track and record what they do throughout each day. The chart reduces a lot of the writing a diabetic has to do to track and record meals, blood glucose readings, exercise, and other activities during each day. This chart is the primary chart used in the 30-Day Diabetes Management Workbook (PDF-040)

6. The Reverse Diabetes 10 Steps Guide (1 page, $7.95/$12.95) defines the 10 steps of the Death to Diabetes program.

7. Workshop Folder ($9.95) is used to hold printed copies of the aforementioned documents.

Retail Cost for PDFs: $46.70

Discounted Cost for PDFs: $21.95 (Savings: $24.75)

Retail Cost for Printed Copies: $88.65

Discounted Cost for Printed Copies: $49.95 (Savings: $38.70)

Note: You will be able to download the PDFs once your order is invoiced. If you ordered printed hardcopies, we will have them shipped to your shipping address.