Diabetes Books

Death to Diabetes Books: Reverse Type 2 Diabetes Naturally

The books and ebooks in the Diabetes Books category were written by an ex-diabetic engineer (DeWayne McCulley), who provides science-based alternative methods and utilizes nutritional science, meal planning strategies, detox methods, superior supplementation, emotional and spiritual support concepts, and other alternative therapies to help you to manage and reverse your Type 2 diabetes.

In addition to the books and ebooks, this engineer also developed colorful and easy-to-use charts, tables, diagrams, menus, and other tools to educate you about diabetes, nutrition, meal planning, detox, supplements, and other related topics.

FYI: The Death to Diabetes Nutritional Program (aka DTD Diet) is the foundation of the Death to Diabetes Wellness Program and these diabetes books. However, there is a lot more to managing and treating Type 2 diabetes than just nutrition. As a result, in addition to nutrition, the Death to Diabetes Wellness Program(which is explained in the Death to Diabetes book/ebook) encompasses 10 steps that addresses other areas such as meal planning, grocery shopping, exercise, blood glucose testing, cleanse/detox, emotional support, spirituality, doctor visits and exams, drugs, finances, insurance, etc.