Coupons for Product Discounts, Upgrades & Gifts


These coupons are provided so that healthcare professionals, bookstore owners, corporations, etc. can purchase hundreds/thousands of books at wholesale. These coupons are also provided for individuals who want to purchase multiple products at discount. These coupons can also be used to make partial payments for a large item such as one of the training kits. In addition, these coupons can be used as gift certificates for a friend, relative, partner or customer. You can also use these coupons to upgrade a purchase without having to cancel and resubmit your order.

Note: If this is a gift, we can send a gift email to the person that they want to provide the gift coupon. Then that person can use the coupon to purchase whatever they want up to that dollar amount.

Also, we will develop the gift email with any words that you would like in order to personalize the gift email for your friend. And, if you choose, we will send you a copy of the gift email before we send it out -- to make any changes that you want. This service is free and is part of the Coupon program.

Size: $1 to $1000.