SERV: Marketing & Business Consultation

As part of the consultation, the author will provide specific business/marketing recommendations that will help you almost immediately, including how to target a specific niche market, how to crystallize your message, how to build your brand and credibility, how to attract new customers and build your customer base, and how to promote your website.

If you select "Marketing Plan", the author will help you with your business/marketing plan and how to expand your business, increase your customer base, and increase your revenues with minimum investment. The author will identify at least 3 factors or activities that you can implement almost immediately to increase your business exposure, brand and revenue.

FYI: The business/marketing plan includes a comprehensive document that defines your business goals, revenue targets, and products/services; and, explains how to define your marketing strategy (including the 4 quadrants and 5 levels of marketing), how to increase your visibility and your customer base, how to leverage the media and the Internet, and how to increase profits and revenues.

Size: 1 session = 1 hour (60 minutes). Rate is reduced for multiple sessions.

SERV: Marketing & Business Consultation
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Price $290.00