SERV: Book Writing & Publishing Consultation

Provide services for manuscript content, proofreading, editing, and page layout of your book, and how to design your book cover for marketing purposes. Also, how to get published and keep as much control as you want.

Services include learning the 3 most common mistakes and how to implement the 7 key components of a successful book, some of which a vanity publisher is not going to share with you.

Services include how to avoid the common mistakes of publishing a book and how to keep full control; how to design and market your book to grow your revenue and your business.

Other services include how to find customers to buy your book, how to turn your book into additional products, and how to leverage the free tools on the Internet.

Additional services include whether to self-publish, use a vanity publisher, traditional publish, or a combination; and, how to leverage their services to get your published at minimum cost. Also, how to get the maximum royalty.

Note: The author has already done what you're trying to do!

Note; If you only need limited support, then, sign up for a discounted session or 1/2 session.

Size: n-hour sessions. Rate is reduced for multiple sessions.

Note: Money-back guarantee if we can't help you.

Note; Select the appropriate Book Writing option if you want more help with your book and manuscript.

SERV: Book Writing & Publishing Consultation
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