PDF: Diet for Diabetics Mini-Cookbook Recipes for Meals & Snacks

This smaller version of the Diet-for-Diabetics Cookbook provides 50 recipes of healthy, balanced super meals, beverages, smoothies, desserts, and snacks to provide some diversity and help diabetics manage their diabetes, based upon the Super Meal Model (aka The Diabetes Diet).

This Death to Diabetes Diet Mini-Cookbook provides a variety of healthy meal recipes for stir-fry, casseroles, soups, sandwiches, and omelets. And, there are vegetarian-based recipes for casseroles, stir-fry, and salads.

Note: This diet-for-diabetics cookbook is for the person who needs more healthy recipes and does not need any structure or day-to-day guidance, which is provided in the boot camp program. Size: 70 pages for 50+ recipes, 260 pages for 120+ recipes, 330 pages for 150+ recipes with Food Tips.

Note: The 150-Recipes 260-page version of the cookbook is a much better buy than the 70-page 50-recipes cookbook. It includes details about stir-frying, using the right oils, soup preparation, how to use spices, and other invaluable ideas about various meals.

But, the 150+ Recipes with Food Tips 330-page version is an even better buy because it contains an additional 200 mini-recipes and food tips that help diabetics in their transition from eating unhealthy to eating healthy -- without feeling deprived, and still being able to control their blood glucose and insulin levels, while enjoying scrumptious meals.

The Food Tips section in the bigger cookbook provides hundreds of seasoning tips, mini-recipes and specific food tips to enjoy your super meals, favorite meals, favorite foods and comfort foods. Favorite food and Comfort food topics include: apple butter spread; beans, beverages; brownies; chocolate; desserts; flour substitutes; French fries; ice cream; quick lunches; mac 'n cheese; mashed potatoes; frying meat; how to make healthy fried chicken; pasta; pizza; restaurants; rice; salads; sandwiches; seasoning; how to use spices; sugar and sweets; tea; tofu; turkey; vegetables; yogurt; how to make Brussels sprouts taste like candy; and, many others.

The 150+ Recipes with Food Tips version also contains a section with general meal planning strategies and grocery shopping tips that save time, money and frustration.

Note: Most diabetic cookbooks do not provide healthy, nutrient-balanced recipes to address the insulin resistance and inflammation that fuel the diabetes! This comprehensive cookbook is actually a 3-in-1 book: super meal, snack and dessert recipes, meal planning/grocery-shopping, and food tips that can also save you hundreds of dollars a month in grocery bills.

This cookbook is for the person who wants a comprehensive cookbook with nutrient-dense meals, more food choices, food tips for meal planning, grocery shopping, and healthy, insightful ways to enjoy comfort foods; and, still control blood glucose levels while losing some weight, and saving some money.

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PDF: Diet for Diabetics Mini-Cookbook Recipes for Meals & Snacks
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