PDF: Cure Diabetes Mini-Ebook -- The 10 Steps

This 150-page smaller version of the diabetes ebook (PDF) provides an overview of the key areas that Type 2 diabetics need to address to properly manage and control their diabetes.

This ebook will help you learn how to lower your blood glucose without drugs, using the 5 super foods; avoiding the 5 "dead" foods/chemicals; and, how to use your blood glucose test results to reduce your insulin resistance; and, prevent the diabetic complications that damage the eyes, kidneys, nerves, and heart.

The information in this ebook will help to stabilize your blood glucose/insulin levels, and enable you to control, beat and reverse your Type 2 diabetes. The key areas of focus include nutrition (the 5 super foods, the 5 "dead" foods, the Super Meal Model), nutritional supplementation, exercise, blood glucose testing/analysis, cleansing/detoxification, emotional/spiritual health, support, stress reduction, wellness planning, doctor appointments and critical blood tests.

Please Note: If you are diabetic, and your goal is to defeat and reverse your disease then, we strongly recommend that you get the full-blown 420-page expanded version of this ebook or get the paperback book.

This 150-page (handbook) version is primarily for people who want a summarized version of the original book.

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PDF: Cure Diabetes Mini-Ebook -- The 10 Steps
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