PDF: Boot Camp 90-day Meal Planning and Food Tips

This is a comprehensive 3-in-1 document with 3 major sections that provide day-to-day structure for activities and meal planning, designed to control and reverse your diabetes:

1. Boot Camp: defines the specific daily activities that a diabetic must perform from Day 1 to Day 90, including meals, blood glucose testing, exercise, recordkeeping, corrective actions, doctor appointments, etc.

2. Meal Planning: Provides a menu of meals and snacks for 90 days, using a unique 3-phase meal plan strategy to normalize your blood sugar, detox your cells, repair the damage caused by your diabetes, and lose weight. Explains how to perform meal planning, grocery shopping, and food preparation to optimize the nutritional value of your meals and favorite foods. Includes meal planner weekly template.

3. Food Tips: Provides hundreds of specific food tips to enjoy your favorite foods and comfort foods, and still control your blood glucose/insulin levels. Foods include: apple butter spread; beans, nuts, seeds; beverages; bread crumbs; bread: sourdough; sprouted grain bread; cereal; chocolate; desserts; fats, oils; fish; flour substitutes; french fries; ice cream; juicing; quick lunches ; macadamia nuts; mac 'n cheese; mashed potatoes; frying meats; mushrooms; pasta; pita pizza; pro/prebiotics quiche; restaurants; rice; salads; sandwiches; seasoning; snacks; soup; split pea soup; succotash; sugar and sweets; tea; tofu; turkey; vegetables; whole foods; and, yogurt.

Note: This document is for the person who needs more structure day-to-day, wants coaching guidance for activities, meal planning and food tips, but does NOT need specific meal recipes.

Size: 200 pages.
PDF: Boot Camp 90-day Meal Planning and Food Tips
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