PDF: Boot Camp 90-day Meal Planning Only

This is a 90-day boot camp activity planner and meal planning document:

1. Bootcamp: defines the specific daily activities that a diabetic must perform from Day 1 to Day 90, including meals, blood glucose testing, exercise, recordkeeping, corrective actions, doctor appointments, etc.

2. Meal Planner: Provides a menu of meals and snacks for 90 days. Explains how to perform meal planning, grocery shopping, and food preparation to optimize the nutritional value of your meals and favorite foods. Includes meal planner weekly template. Note: Does not contain recipes. Note: This document is for the person who needs more structure day-to-day for activities and meal planning, but does NOT need specific meal recipes or food tips for their favorite foods.

Note: The options are available to add in a Favorite Foods and Comfort Food Tips section, a Super Meals Recipes section, or both.

Size: 100 pages.
PDF: Boot Camp 90-day Meal Planning Only
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