CD: The 7 Mistakes That Diabetics Make - - Download/Disc

The author explains the 7 most common mistakes that diabetics make, and how to counter each mistake or prevent it from occurring -- to increase your chances of properly managing, controlling and reversing your diabetes.

The author also discusses the following topics:

-- Why Diabetics Remain Diabetic: How the disease keeps the diabetic in a diabetic state

-- Food Cravings: The 2 types of food cravings, and how to counteract them

-- Food Tips: How to enjoy Your favorite foods and still eat healthy

Note: Get the book first if your goal is to reverse your diabetes.

Size: 1 mp3 download file or 1 disc, Duration: 80 min.

Note: You will be able to download the mp3 file immediately after your order is invoiced. If you ordered a disc, it will be shipped to your mailing address.

CD: The 7 Mistakes That Diabetics Make -  - Download/Disc
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