CD: Death to Diabetes Program Overview - Download/Discs

Provides an overview of the Death to Diabetes program, including diabetes (cell level), the major chapters of the book and the key wellness factors that you need to control and reverse your Type 2 diabetes. Key topics include nutrition, exercise, blood glucose testing, doctor exams, and emotional health. The 3-disc version provides more detail about nutrition, super meals, cleansing/detox, etc.

Duration: 80 min (1 disc), 3 hours (3 discs)

Size: 1 or 3 mp3 download files, 1 or 3 discs

Note: The author recommends that you get the book along with the CDs/mp3 files if your goal is to reverse your diabetes. This disc provides an overview of the diabetes program, while the 400-page book provides a lot more detail about the diabetes program to help you reverse your diabetes.

Note: You will be able to download the mp3 file immediately after your order is invoiced. If you ordered a disc, it will be shipped to your mailing address.

CD: Death to Diabetes Program Overview -  Download/Discs
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